High quality shower- tray is a solid base to a shower cabin

Shower-tray is a basic component of shower cabin. When it comes to purchase of a shower-tray we recommend not save money on this “foundation stone” unnecessarily indeed. To select design and size of a shower-tray in such a case dimension of the bathroom plays a significant role. For tiny bathrooms by pentagonal ground plan shower-trays are the most convenient ones

A standard size of shower-trays is 90 cm. Our offer also includes shower-trays both smaller sized as well as larger ones. Some of the shower-trays of TEiKO production can be either provided with a facing panel or embeded in the bathroom’s floor. During installation we recommend to perform mason work underneath shower-trays as they are not, in a standard way, supplied with a self-supporting metal frame.

In our offer you may find out shower-trays of different shapes, sizes as well as performance. We offer you 30 types of shower-trays with both flat and anti-slip surface. When making one’s choice, respectively shower cabin, depth of the shower-tray is a very important issue. TEiKO company manufactures shower-trays with depths differing from 3,5 up to 15 cm. Shallow shower-trays advantage is easy access while their ledge absorbs a minimum out of the inside space. This seeming saving of space may entails a problem with lack of depth for drainage set installation. As well as with baths during their installation there should also be extra attention paid to very precise shower-tray embeding and fixing to the floor.

Our offer includes two types of shower-trays: deep and shallow ones. Deep shower-trays have 52 mm and shallow ones 90 diameter outlet hole. You can purchase by our offer drainage sets to both of them. Detailed drawings to these products may be found in TEiKO 2008 catalogue on page 225.



deep shower-tray with a facing panel



shallow shower-tray



one of the anti-slip surface options




Colourful performance of acrylic sheets:

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