Code: V211156L04T01011
Color: Bílá
Size: 156 x 156 x 46 cm I 220 l
Width: 156.0
Height: 46.0
Depth: 156.0
Volume: 220.0

156 x 156 x 46 cm | volume: 220 l

ANTALYE was made for demanding users. It abounds in a unique design, ergonomically neat performance and high power as far as its hydrotherapeutic equipment is concerned.

 The bath is anatomically well shaped inside and this allows all the jet sections to work as ideally as possible. And this all helps to the entire massage sensation. In contrast to current baths which are equipped with whatever massage system the anatomically shaped baths are worked out into the least detail for the reason to achieve desired comfort and pleasant sense of a relaxation. All the jets and controls are laid on to previously and purposefully designed spots with an intended shape. Powerful massage systems make it for the entire image of relaxation when bathing in this kind of a bath.

The bath is supplied with accessories (handle and headrest).

 The bath is manufactured only in white colour performance. Hydromassage components come out in chrome-plated or in some cases in white colour performance. The bath is made with accessories and massage systems designated as LUX version. As hydro performance the LUX systems abound in 10 micro-jets and 4 super-maxi-jets. As hydroair performance the LUX systems abound in 10 micro-jets, 4 super-maxi-jets and 12 air-jets.

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