PSKRH 2/90 S

Code: V332090N52T12003
Color: Sklo
Width: 90.0
Height: 187.0
Depth: 90.0

PSKRH 2/90 S shower cabin consist of two fixed walls and a two-part moving door. PSKRH 2/90 S shower cabin of the PREMIUM line is manufactured to be installed and lied on quadrantal shower-trays. The solid glass panels wall 8 mm thick are mounted by means of chrome-plated hinges. The glass door is 6 mm thick. Sealing between wall and filling panel is provided with a transparent sealing profile slipped over the glass. The joint with shower-tray is sealed up with silicon which works as a fastening agent at the same time. The threshold profile is to lead out randomly flowing water back to the shower-tray as well. At the top the glass adjustment is technically secured by a chrome-plated strut. Hinges as well as wall joints are manufactured lightened and make it for better sealing property owing to a straight flexible transparent sealing profile that is slipped over the glass of doors at the side where hinges are fixed. Flexible magnetic profiles secure utter closing and effectively seal the opposite side (in direction from glass wings) of the cabin. A horizontal double tongue sealing profile together with the threshold profile prevent water from flowing around the glass at the lower part of the cabin glass.

Grips of the PREMIUM cabin are also made chrome-plated. Cabin entrance width is 68 cm. The side parts width is 39 cm. The strut is not included in standard delivery. It may ordered individually – click here to see more in detail.


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