Code: V111160N04T02001
Color: Bílá
Material: Akryl
Size: 177 x 177 x 49 cm I 320 l
Width: 177.0
Height: 49.0
Depth: 177.0
Volume: 320.0

177 x 177 x 49 cm | volume: 320 l

Round BORNEO-R bath with an outer diameter 160 cm and 320 litres volume ranks amongst the higher standard exclusive acrylic products category. By its size it is evident that BORNEO-R may be built in more spacious and larger bathrooms. Furnished with standard hydromassage systems it is an ideal product to be used as a hydrotherapeutic appliance both in aqua or fit centers. Double performance (BORNEO-R, BORENO-O) makes it to be installed either stand-alone in the middle of bathroom or in the corner as it happens in terms of BORNEO-R type of this bath.

Hydromassage system components come out with chrome-plated surface finishing, alternatively in white performance. Technically-wise the BORNEO-R type of a bath is identical in comparison to BORNEO-O and is designed to be installed in a corner of the bathroom.
There is neither a facing panel nor shower enclosure available to this kind of a bath.

Accessories and Add-ons
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