Box ECO Steam

Code: V271090N00T01031
Width: 221.0
Height: 94.0
Depth: 94.0

We introduce you the most economic shower cabin furnished with steam generator. Electronic control unit enables to reach up to 48 °C steam temperature inside the steam cabin. Massage shower abound in more positions, it is furnished with a system that restrains scales to set in. Through sliding joint of the shower you can set up desired height of the shower. The cabin system is furnished with a sanitation system program.

Specification: Ceiling, central wall with a seat, shallow shower-tray, facing panel, door – pearl screen, spotlight, hand shower, shower holder with sliding rail, sliding rail of the shower, sanitation funnel, electronic control panel, start-up mixer, thermostatic mixer, outflow of hand shower, cabin seat, waste set, covering profiles. Delivery includes assembly as well.

Accessories and Add-ons
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