Code: 02_eco_air

This one comes out as an independent air-system so called as “air-massage”.

 Air-massage makes it for evoking a relaxed status, respectively psychical relief and pleasant feeling all in one. This system is furnished with a back-pressure valve or a safety loop so the water could be prevented from flowing back into the blower. The system activation and its shut off is provided through a pneumatic switch that is positioned on the top ledge of the bath. The blower can be reactivated again right after the water has been drained out of the bath (approximately from 30 to 120 seconds). The reactivation is to make sure that all the system tubing has been dried out properly.

System specification:
10 air-jets, pneumatic control unit, waste set, bathtub in white colour, chrome-plated components and fittings

Accessories and Add-ons

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