Code: V112160N04T03001
Color: Bílá
Material: Akryl
Size: 160 x 70 x 39 cm I 115 l
Width: 160.0
Height: 39.0
Depth: 70.0
Volume: 115.0

160 x 70 x 39 cm | volume: 115 l

This product ranks amongst the most favourite one out of “hundred and sixty sized line” acrylic baths. Inside oval-like shape of the ASUAN attracts you with its pleasant image at the first sight. This acrylic bath abounds in a comfortable seating spot which is supported by ergonomically well designed hand-rest area. ASUAN baths may be furnished with a shower enclosure marked VZP 2/160, a side enclosure BSVP 70, facing panels (front and side) and hydromassage systems of the ECO and STANDARD lines.

Hydromassage system components come out with chrome-plated surface finishing, alternatively in white performance.
ASUÁN bath is available with a facing panel.

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