Code: V111150L04T04001
Color: Bílá
Material: Akryl
Size: 150 x 150 x 45 cm I 210 l
Width: 150.0
Height: 45.0
Depth: 150.0
Volume: 210.0

150 x 150 x 45 cm | volume: 210 l

The peak product of ELEGANCE line is AURIGA acrylic bath. From the design point of view the AURIGA products are made to ever so little detail and are admired by all the customers with high as well as lower demands. In any way AURIGA bath suits to everyone. They are available in left and right technical performance. One of the accessories that may be installed with AURIGA products´ line is a facing panel that is manufactured in a double “L-shaped” performance by means of which you are able to cover either right or left side of the bath and the front facing side at the same time. AURIGA baths may be furnished with headrests as well as grips and whatever of hydromassage systems available to ELEGANCE range of products. At the first sight the inside design reveals that AURIGA model has common features together with all the ELEGANCE acrylic baths and with several other accessories available to this product will deliver you a true comfort and fine feeling when you are taking bathing in TEiKO company acrylic baths.

Price is displayed free of accessories (grip and headrest) which are available in white, green and silver colour. Hydromassage system components come out with chrome-plated surface finishing. ECO massage systems are new to the products offer. AURIGA bath is available with a facing panel.

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