Code: V110160R04T01001
Color: Bílá
Material: Akryl
Size: 160 x 100 x 44 cm I 155 l
Width: 160.0
Height: 44.0
Depth: 100.0
Volume: 155.0

160 x 100 x 44 cm | volume: 155 l

BODAM acrylic baths are available in left and right performance. They can also be fitted with a facing panel. This product suites well not only to tinier bathrooms in block of flats but due its decent size delivers more handling space to the bathroom. This bath fulfils a size criteria which is 160 cm for the block of flats bathroom but it can come out as a convenient solution of family houses’ bathrooms. The bath may be furnished with a two-segment “winged” enclosure VZKR 2/90, and a three-segment VZKR 3/110. Bodam acrylic baths may be furnished with whatever hydromassage system of the ECO and STANDARD lines except EXCELLENT system line.

Hydromassage system components come out with chrome-plated surface finishing, alternatively in white performance. This bath when furnished with EASY, DUO and EXCELLENT DUO systems cannot be fitted with rotating jets in the feet area. When EXCELLENT DUO system is fitted to this bath some of the components exceed the perimeter of the bath. Micro-jets may be installed in the feet area upon a special request.
BODAM bath is available with a facing panel.

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